Buying a running business In Finland

Profit. Security. Possibilities.

Which business if the best choice for you?

In our business catalogue there is a list of objects for sale. For example, it is possible to buy a cafe or a car wash from €50,000, or a restaurant at €80-100,000. Also there are objects worth more than €3 million. It is necessary to understand that a Finnish business worth less than 200-400,000e generally does not give absolutely passive profit and requires the owner's participation in management or technical activities, as well as in customer service. In companies of €100,000 worth, key employees are rarely transferred with business, hence there is a need for hiring personnel. .

Be wise and rational!

Buying and doing business in a new country is always connected with risks. In order to choose a suitable business and be able to maintain or increase its profitability, as well as reduce risks - it is necessary to understand how it is arranged, and how the Finnish market as a whole is structured. It is possible to explore it on your own, but it is wise to use the advice of the experts. We will help you to see the realities, opportunities and hidden risks before you venture something.

What is to be noted before buying a business in Finland

Before buying a business in Finland, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you going to participate in the activities of the enterprise or your goal is to receive a passive income?
  • In which language you are ready to manage the company and serve customers?
  • How does the ownership transfer process look like
  • What is profitability and taxation structure?

Business ownership change process

In some cases, it is possible to change the business' ownership of a legal entity with all its assets. Usually, the Finnish business is transferred to the buyer's own legal entity: the company's assets, customer base, key employees, contracts, etc. To do this, you need to register a company in Finland, in which we will kindly help you. Also we will help with accounting and legal support of business.

How to properly buy a business in Finland?

The practice shows that the most relevant and profitable business for sale rearly makes it to the public market for an open bargain It is reasonable to select a business purposefully, based on the objectives pursued and the available assets.

The search must be pro-active: the analysis of all active businesses, assortment of the most valuable, access to the most prospective offers. This we can help you with. We are actively searching for the object, once our cooperation is settled. This is considerable work that we do only after making sure that the work will be in demand and paid for. Usually, customers confirm their intentions by making the first simple steps - the undersigning of the business selection & purchase agreement and company registration. You can come to Helsinki and visit prospective objects with our advisor, look around the place and make an offer to current owners about the sale..

Loans for buying business in Finland

If most of the price of a business is determined by its real estate asset - it is possible to obtain a loan from a Finnish bank. Banks and credit organizations in Finland can provide a loan for a Finnish firm up to 40-60% of the amount of the real estate with an interest rate of about 2 - 4% per annum. With such financial support it gets much easier to buy business in Finland. Moreover, we can help in designing and structuring a business plan in Finnish with the aim of obtaining financial support from Finnish business support centers. For example, the Finnish venture capital fund Finnvera issues loans and grants for the development of start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses in Finland on very favorable terms.

Catalogue of running business for sale in Finland

Profit. Security. Possibilities.

Businesses under €100.000

  • Restaurant in Nurmijarvi - 36 + 8 seats. Price 48,000 € - 100m2 - rent 800 € / month - No Alco-license
  • Restaurant with Alco-license "A" - Espoo, Tapiola - 22 + 5 seats. Price 79,000 € - 75m2 - rent 1500 € / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Bar-Pizzeria with Alco-license "A" - East Helsinki - 20 + 8 seats. Price 63,000€ - 102m2 - rent 1452 € / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Bar-Restaurant with Alco-license "A" - West Helsinki - 100 + 30 seats. Price 69,000€ - 446m2 - rent 3350€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Pizzeria - East Helsinki - 30 seats. Price 95,000€ - 80m2 - rent 1448€ / month - Alco-license is absent
  • Cafe - Espoo, Leppävaara - 20 seats. Price 37,000€ - 56,5m2 - rent 1700€ / month - Alco-license is absent
  • Pizzeria - East Helsinki - 30 seats. Price 95,000€ - 80m2 - rent 1448€ / month - Alco-license is absent
  • Car wash in Helsinki - 80m2 Price 33,000€ - 80m2 - rent 1200€ / month
  • Pub Restaurant with Alco-license "A" - Vantaa - 50 seats. Price 59,000€ - 121m2 - rent 1500€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Restaurant - North Hague, Helsinki - 22 seats. Price 36,000€ - 59m2 - rent 1910€ / month - Alco-license is absent
  • Pub with Alco-license "A" - Center Tumpere - 80 + 19 seats. Price 59,000€ - 95m2 - rent 3500€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Restaurant in the mall - Nummela - 30 seats. Price 48,000€ - 140m2 - rent 5000€ / month - Alco-license is absent
  • Food kiosk - Leppävaara, Espoo . Price 30,000€ - 47m2 - rent 793€ / month - Alco-license: sale of beer for take-away

Businesses over €100.000

  • Bistro in the center of Helsinki - 85 + 50 seats - turnover 45000€ / month Price 255,000€ - 130m2 + 45m2 - rent 6200€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Club-Karaoke-bar in the center of Helsinki - 270 seats - turnover 43000€ / month Price 220,000€ - 300m2 - rent 8900€ / month (-1000€ VAT) - Alco-license "A"
  • Restaurant with Alco-license "B" - center of Nurmijarvi - 55 + 16 seats Price 180,000 € - 300m2 - rent 2800€ / month - Alco-license "B"
  • Restaurant with Alco-license "C" - West Helsinki - 90 seats Price 130,000€ - 276m2 - rent 2000€ / month - Alco-license "С"
  • Bar with Alco-license "A" - Vallila, Helsinki - 45 + 11 seats Price 155,000€ - 92m2 - rent 2500€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Restaurant with Alco-license "A" - Punavuori, Center of Helsinki - 50 seats Price 175,000€ - 109m2 - rent 2200€ / month - Alco-license "A"
  • Pizzeria / kebab cafe in the shopping mall in the center of Helsinki Price 150,000 € - m2 - rent 3500€ / m - Alco-license is absent
  • Restaurant with Alco-license "A" - Helsinki - 160 seats Price 260,000 € - 420m2 - rent 7887€ /month - Alco-license "A"

Interested in buying a specific running business?

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We have connections to the owners of a wide range of profitable businesses are not currently pubicly on sale, but the owners have confirmed their intention to sell the business.

Services of sale and purchase of business in Finland

Proactive search for the prominent business in Helsinki and the regions of Finland

Audit of the company, checking in registers, credit history, checking the personal history of sellers

Negotiations, ensuring security, forecasting risks, preparing documents

Transfer of the ownership of the business assets to the new owner

Ensuring smooth transfer of the management; business development services

Business Immigration

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Kirill Kulakov- Your personal advisor

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  • Managing partner
  • 8 years of legal and business practice
  • Speaks 5 languages
  • In the field of Finnish business 6 years

Business-immigration on a basis of buying a running business

Business immigration to Finland

The purchase of a running and profitable business may be a basis for obtaining a residence permit of Finland.

We assist legally and organizationally along the whole process, including the stage of buyting the business, taking care of all the residence permit applications and buisness profitability documents up to support in adaptation of the entrepreneur's family in Finland and ongoing support of the running business.

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