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Business Immigration to Finland Over 100 families used business as grounds for immigration to Finland
on a basis of limited company, soletrade, freelance, real-estate, investments, work, etc.

Over 200 successful immigration cases!

Over 200 private persons and families have immigrated to Finland with our help and legal advise.

4 types of service warranty!

Service contract, court appeal in case of negative decision, live references from immigrated clients, money-back guarantee!

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Immigrate, do all paperwork, allocate and integrate in the country, get all social benefits. Get your business started!

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What is Business-Immigration to Finland?

We have helped more than 100 clients of different welfare statuses to legally immigrate to Finland, whereas their preconditions and objectives were completely different. Some wanted to improve their living conditions, others wanted to develop their businesses, and some was anxious about their children’s education and safety. This is how we have gained an extensive experience and became one of the leading Finnish companies specializing in immigration services.

What are the advantages of business immigration to Finland?

mujer soltera despues delos 30 Time The process of business immigration to Finland takes about 2-6 months

go here Requirements Registration or purchase of a business, making a business plan, applying for residence permit and receiving the residence permit from the Embassy of Finland.

The follow site cost of the programme is very budget-friendly and often lower than in other countries.

The application process is less demanding than in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, France and many European countries: no obligation to buy real estate (as in Latvia and Lithuania), no obligation to invest in local securities or employ local citizens, no obligation to invest in local assets, no need for guarantee amounts.

- There is no requirement as to the minimum turnover of your business! Paying salary to the founder and taxes and filing financial statements will suffice.
- You don’t have to hire employees! Employment of and payment of salary to the founder of the business will suffice.
- enter site No mandatory investment in the country or a business
- Residence permits may be granted to those who register a business or produce a realistic business plan supported by documents
- The business may be “nominal” or quite simple
- There is no limit as regards the area of activity
- No requirements for financial status or large authorized capital or guarantee amounts
- Transparent procedures for registering a legal entity and business management (accounting etc.)

Get direct recomendations! More than 100 clients moved to FInland and are ready to commend our services.

follow site You can trust us!

The Comfort Our clients value the comfort of resolving of all their Business, Immigration and Family Relocation issues by ONE Professional Agency
We provide a variety of immigration services, ALL-INCLUSIVE SUPPORT: consulting, organizing the grounds for immigration, Residence Permit applications and renewals, Family relocation and integration services, business support, Permanent Residence and Citizenship issuance support.

TRP in Finland is more benefitial than in than in most EU-countries!

in 2016 Finland was awarded 3rd place in the rating of best countries for immigration!

There are no obligations for serious investments, employment of local workforce or other limiting factors.

We give our Clients a practical warranty for a successful Immigration to Finland.

7 years of experience in business-immigration issues lets our clients feel comfortable, as every detail of your case is foreseen.

How to start the Finnish Business-immigration program?

To start the business immigration program it is necessary to open or buy an independent legal entity in Finland (a joint-stock company, osakeyhtiö, Oy). (In exceptional cases a residence permit can be obtained based on an individual enterprise - (Sole Trader, toiminimi - finnish), which is cheaper, but requires a special procedure. Please specify, if this suits you)
Company activity shall be a source of income (enough to pay the wages and taxes applicable in Finland) for the person applying for a residence permit, i.e. for you as an entrepreneur.

There are basically no special requirements in relation to the business: neither to the business profile, nor to the turnover or business revenues.

source The main point is to generate enough income on the company’s account to pay your wage and taxes - to secure your right for residence.

During the first year it is OK for the company to use a founder's loan for covering salary and etc. expenses.

The Finnish temporary or continuous residence permit or citizenship may be granted to those who:

- Start a new business in Finland
- Establish an independent representative office of a foreign company
- Act and work as a Sole Trader in Finland
- Act and work as freelancerin Finland
- Buy an existing buisiness in FInland
- Start a company for own real-estate manangement
- Invest in construction yielding income of 15-25%

For over 7 years, our experts have been providing legal and business services in Finland, serving the interests of foreign individuals and entrepreneurs. Thus we have developed procedures that virtually guarantee our clients a residence permit in Finland. To date, 100% of our clients have received residence permits in Finland, and the percentage of refusals with our business scheme is zero.

Whom do we help for Buisiness-Immigration to Finland

Those who wish to move to and start a business in Finland or buy an existing profitable business. The business may be purchased for as much as €20,000 after, for example, selling your property in Russia or the CIS.
To obtain a residence permit, a simple inexpensive business will suffice: a café, a restaurant, a beauty salon, a car wash, a gas station etc. These options do not require professional knowledge or language skills.


Freelancers, independent specialists in any field, IT freelancers – those who generally do not depend on their place of residence. After you register a company in Finland, you may transfer your contracts to it and have your salary. If you have foreign customers, a Finnish company will make payments easier. Western companies are usually willing to cooperate with a Finnish company.


Small and medium entrepreneurs who have a well-established business iabroad. Particularly those who can open a representative office or an independent agent-company and transfer part of their operations or contracts to their own new Finnish company to secure their salary. The Founder’s loan may also be used to support the salaries and taxes of a new company.


Purchasers of one or more real estate properties may, under certain conditions, be granted a residence permit, but this option requires a relatively large investment.


Residence permit for financially independent individuals. Typically, such clients are only interested in “passive” schemes that do not require much attention or control. Those belonging to this category are likely to become owners of small cafés or restaurants or commercial real estate. Their businesses are then managed by authorized persons or hired managers.


Businessmen and investors running a certain business in Finland, for example: consulting, trade, licensed businesses, construction. We can also recommend our own projects or oversee the client’s projects.
We can help you create a business concept from scratch or take over an existing business. We can also provide legal and accounting services for your business.

To start - you should plan and decide: how long you are planning to stay in

Finland, will your family join you, etc. Contact us - we will help you make the right choice for your immigration - either "A" Residence Permit or or "B" Residence permit.

The Guarantee - The Comfort

Our CONTRACT provides a free court appeal in case of ungrounded ''negative decision'' of the Migration Department
If the client conforms the initial criteria that we agreed on from the start - the decision is always positive. Commonly - the "negative decisions" never happen to our clients.