Test if you are eligible for Finnish Enterpreneur or Employment immigration

Basically any person with a business background and having a working business model, and enough funds coming from a legal source is eligible for applying for a FInnsih Residence permit.

The most common clients with high success rate for Immigration:

Basic immigration requirements

Any person and family with a business or strong professional expertise may immigrate to Finland

Among our clients there are upper middle-class and high-net-worth individuals.

Entreprenuer residence permit eligibility criteria & Immigration requirements

- Intention to start or move business and gain personal income in Finland
- Intention to open and run a limited company or a private legal entity in Finland
- Intention to actively participate in management or other proffessional activity in own Finnish business
- Intention to move to Finland and to spend reasonable time in the country
- National passport (not an asylum passport)
- The age of 20-55
- Higher education or stronger professional or business track is favorable
- Preferably having business experience or high professional expertise
- Preferably having good English skills (at least one of elder family members)
- Preferably having a Schengen visa in the past
- Preferably having a valid EU/Schengen visa
- Children under 17

Employee residence/work permit eligibility criteria & Immigration requirements

- Having an undersigned employment contract with a Finnish company
- Employers confirmation of his readiness to wait for Employees work permit for 2-8 months
- Intention to work in the Employers company
- Intention to move to Finland and to spend reasonable time in the country
- National passport (not an asylum passport)
- The age of 20-55
- Higher education or stronger professional or business track is favorable
- Preferably having business experience or high professional expertise

Personal financial subsistence requirements

Financial subsistence requirements

In order to apply for a Residence permit the applicant needs to confirm availability of enough funds in order to secure the living expenses in Finland

Confirmation of availability of funds for living in Finland

While applying for the residence permit in Finland the Applicant should provide a confirmation of having enough funds for covering the living expensess in Finland, when moving to Finland. It is a measure in order to secure the income of a person and his family in the beginning.
The confirmation should be done in a form of bank-statement from a personal bank account (personal bank account balance sheet for overall summ, avialable for own disposal).

After getting the residency, the following monthly income should be secured by the business activity of the Enterpreneur in Finland. The following sums are the minimum we recommend to be planned and confirmed by the the applicant.

The sole Applicant
- minimum income 1600€ /month
- salary 1300€ + taxes 300€
- bank statement for at least 20 000€

The Applicant + spouse
- minimum income 2200€ /month
- salary 1700€ + taxes 500€
- bank statement for at least 30 000€

The Applicant + spouse + 1 child
- minimum income 3000€ /month
- salary 2200€ + taxes 800€
- bank statement for at least 40 000€

The Applicant + spouse + 2 children
- minimum income 3500€ /month
- salary 2600€ + taxes 900€
- bank statement for at least 45 000€

The Applicant + spouse + 3 children
- minimum income 4000€ /month
- salary 3000€ + taxes 1000€
- bank statement for at least 50 000€

The Applicant + spouse + 4 children
- minimum income 5000€ /month
- salary 3500€ + taxes 1500€
- bank statement for at least 60 000€

Business financial subsistence requirements

Funds for doing business

Besides the funds for own livelihood the applicant should have enough funds to start, support and develop his business.

The examples of minimum business investment requirements:

The amount of funds is subject to the chosen business model.
The funds should cover the expenses of starting the selected business and bringing it to the level of profit that should cover the Entrpreneurs company's operational expenses and Entrpreneurs salary expenses.

A simple consulting company needs at least around 30,000-50,000 euro to start.
A trading company should have an equity enough to cover product purchase and logisitics.
Marketing, HR, employment expenses should be also cavered by initial investment.

Initial costs

- Starting a consulting company – at least 20000eur
- Opening a representative office – at least 30000eur
- Starting a cafeteria – at least 50000eur
- Real-estate investments – at least 200000eur

Running costs

- Marketing costs - at least 500eur/month - Office room rental - at least 400eur/month - Private Office rental - at least 700eur/month - Employee/assistant salary costs - at least 3000eur/month brutto - Enterpreneurs own salary - starting at 1600eur/month brutto

Requirements for business confirmations

Your business model and businessplan should be confirmed by agreements

The business should have confirmations of current or future profitability - these may be the running or preliminary service provision or trading agreements.

Why confirming your businessplan is important

For a successful business-immigration having just a businessplan is not enough. The Applicant-enterpreneur should by any means confirm that the deisgnated business would be:
1) Profitable enough
2) Would not be a passive income - would need the active participation of the owner in the business in Finland
3) The business is either already running or preliminary preparations for successful and profitable operations are now developed in Finland

This means - the Enterpreneur should carry out market research, contact the potential clients and partners in Finland, appoint meetings. Eventually there should be a proof of profitability, which originates from sales of company services or products.
Besides the bank statements, the Enterpreneur should provide evidence of running or preliminary business agreements, which are the confirmation for company's profitability and success.

As a deignated service, we help the Enterpreneurs find the right business links and opportunities in Finland.
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