How to get the Permanent Residency in Finland?

Permanent residency may be granted after 4 years of continous stay in Finland under the A-type residence permit.

Section 56 (380/2006) - Issuing permanent residence permits - Ulkomaalaislaki (Finnish immigration law)
A permanent residence permit is issued to aliens who, after being issued with a continuous residence permit, have resided legally in the country for a continuous period of four years if the requirements for issuing an alien with a continuous residence permit are still met and there are no obstacles to issuing a permanent resident permit under this Act.

Residence is considered continuous if an alien has resided in Finland for at least half the validity period of the residence permit. Absence resulting from ordinary holiday or other travel or work at a work site abroad on secondment by a Finnish employer is not considered an interruption of continuous residence.

Finnish permanent residence permit (the P-type) lets you:

Timeline for getting the Permanent Residence permits in Finland

Applying, prolonging, changing Residence permit types

Applying for the First residence permit in Finland

Depending on the grounds and the type of immigration - the First residence Permit (A or B) might be obtained in 2 to 12 months time.
In order to apply for the permit you must fill in appropriate Residence permit application, prepare the documents that confirm the grounds of your immigration, submit the documents electronically or physically in the local Finnish Embassy or in Finland, provided special gorunds.
Each Applicant has to apply for thr Residence permit in Person - the spouse or friend, employer or business partner can not file it instead of the Applicant.
A government processing fee of 230-450eur has to be payed after submission.

Residence permit for family members

The family members that are applying with the Bread-winner - get the same type of the Residence permit as the Bread-winner
The family members are the spouse and children under 18 - living as one household.
Elder children, elder family members or cousins are not the family members in this case, and might join the immigration program as business partners for exapmle.

Prolongation of the First residence permit

Processing the prolongation of the first residnece permit might take up to 6 months.
It is recommended to apply for the prolongation after 6 months, since getting the First residence permit.
Criteria for prolongation is usally: having your income secured, legal residing in finland, no serious law violations.

Changing the type of residence permit

You may change the type of residency (A/B) if your immigration grounds change. For example you filed and got the B-permit on grounds of temporary employment. After time you opened a company and started a business - thus you are eligible to change the type of Residence permit to Enterpreneurs residence permit, which is type-A.

Choosing the grounds for Permanent residency Finland?

You are eligible for permanent residency in just 4 years, if you Get an A-type First residence permit under one of following grounds:
business, innovative start-up, employment, family tie.

Perfect grounds for the Permanent Residency in Finland

The Business or Enterpreneurship grounds are the most beneficial and accessible way for immigrating to Finland.
Opening a limited company or private legale entity (Sole trader) in FInland, developing a profitable business plan and starting the operations makes you eligible for the Enterpreneurs A-type continuous residence permit.
The business might be any kind of legal activity that brings income to the Applicant-enterpreneur and is beneficial for the Finnish society and/or economy.

Support of immigration of Enterpreneurs is our expertise.

We support applying for Enterpreneurs residence permit within the Business immigration program.
We shall help you acquire an Enterpreneurs residence permit, which is issued in 4 - 12 month, if you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Test your eligibility and success rate of immigration

In case you are an Enterpreneur or otherwise would like to immigrate to Finland on a basis of business or investment, please go through the immigration requirements page.
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