Finland offers temporary residence permit (TRP), continuous residence permit (CRP), permanent residence permits (PR) and citizenship to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors or professionals

Stages of the business Immigration program


Finnish Business & immigration program

To start the business immigration procedure, we need work out the business idea, set up a Finnish company, prepare the business plan and ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operations are met.

A residence permit will not be granted solely on the basis of ownership. In order to be granted a residence permit, the applicant must also work for the company and this work must take place in Finland. The business activity should secure the personal income of the applicant and his family!

The spouse and children may also apply for family unification TRP or CRP and come to Finland simultaneously with their bread-winner Enterpreneur. This program is available to all nationalities.
  • no direct obligation to stay183 days per year in the country!
  • no obligation to employ local citizens immediately(you might act as self-employed)
  • no obligation to invest large summs in local assets
  • no obligation for depositing large money amounts
  • no obligation to buy real estate
  • Paying taxes and getting income by means of gainful employment or business in Finland is a must!

Individual immigration plan

Depending on your goals for the business and immigration - we create an individual business & immigration plan, which might be either a start-up, bying an existing business, investing in real-estate, etc.

The business&immigration plan, service price is assigned individually. Contact us for details.

Beneficial conditions of business immigration

Finnish business immigration program is more beneficial compared to Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and other European countries.
  • You may have an own company or act as registered self-employed entrepreneur
  • First TRP/CRP is issued for 1 or 2 years period
  • Get the TRP/CRP and work-permit simultaneously
  • You may have a dual work permit: as entrepreneur and as a skilled professional simultaneously
  • Prolongation of TRP/CRP is issued for 1-4 years
  • It is possible to convert entrepreneurs CRP to any other type (work, etc.)
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