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Over 17 ways to immigrate to Finland!

We have developed over 17 programms for business-immigration to Finland. We will help you choose the right one

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Basic conditions for Finnish immigration programms are easy to fullfill. Get your Residence permit in just 4 months* with a 100% guarantee

Price, expenses and benefits

Get to know the basic costs of the programs and running monthly expenses and the benefits.

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Over 200 businessmen, private persons and families have immigrated to Finland with our help and legal advise.

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3 Basic conditions for immigration to Finland

is your legal "secure income" guaranteed by "gainful employment" in Finland

1. Secure income

A secure income should guarantee at least basic level of life for you and your family members for your stay in Finland. The source of income should be legal: work, business, investments, etc. You may start to receive income after getting the Residence permit.

2. Gainful employment

The objective is having a source of personal income within Finland from your employer, own company or a private legal entity. At least one of the family members should get monthly salary - the summ must cover basic costs of living, defied by Finnish officials.

3. The Taxes

The taxes for your Finnish income should be payed in Finland. If you have income in other countries - you should continue paying taxes there. When you become a tax resident in Finland - keep in mind the Treaties for avoiding double taxation.

The Grounds for Secure Income

We selected most efficient and easy grounds for getting the Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit in Finland:

  • Representation or a branch of your own company
  • Moving your business to Europe / Finland
  • Developing your business in Europe / Finland
  • Buying a ready business in Finland
  • A start-up
  • Working as self-employed, sole-trader
  • Remote workers
  • Rentier business models
  • Real-estate investements

We will help you choose the right option, according to your preconditions and goals!

The guide for income and expenses

for your successful immigration to Finland on a basis of business or investment

The income

Minimum monthly income + taxes

After getting the residence permit - you should start getting monthly salary in Finland. The minimum recommended income as follows:

1 person:

1300eur monthly salary + taxes starting at 300eur
Summary: 1600е

Family of 2 persons:

1800eur monthly salary + taxes starting at 500eur
Summary: 2300е

Family of 3 persons:

2200eur monthly salary + taxes starting at 800eur
Summary: 3000е

Family of 4 persons:

2600eur monthly salary + taxes starting at 900eur
Summary: 3500е

The expenses

Company/business expenses

There is no minimum or maximum turnover limit for your company's income. You need to secure your personal income within a salary and pay taxes.
1. Tax payments minimum is 300-900eur/month
2. Accounting, company address 100eur/month
3. Annual tax report 400eur/year
Summary: 430eur/month minimum

Living Expenses in Helsinki

1. Rented appartment in Helsinki starts at 800eur/month
2. Electricity, water, internet - around 100eur/month
Summary: 900eur/month minimum

Living Expenses in smaller towns

1. Rented appartment in Finland starts at 350eur/month
Summary: 350eur/month minimum Compare the living costs: Finland VS your country

The benefits

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The procedures for Immigration to Finland

The Service and security

Secure payment options for All-inclusive service

We offer a 3-step secure payment option: for the business & immigration consulting, for a full document package support and final payment after getting the Residence Permit decision
You get 4 types of service guarantee, including cash-back option!

4 types of Service Guarantee

for a secure immigration programm

Secure payment

We offer a 3-step secure payment otion: for the business & immigration consulting, for a full document package support and final payment after getting the Residence Permit decision

Court appeal

If the Migration Department unfairly refuses to grant the Residence Permit - we make appeal to the administrative court free of charge for getting a fair and positive residence permit decision

The Contract

We are an established company in Finland, we always act in accordance with the Law and the Contracts.
The client is always secure, as any disagreements can esily be handled within Finnish legal system, that is ranked 4th in the world for justice!

Direct customer references

On request - we give contacts of our actual customers who have moved to Finland and are living here!

Due to our friendly confidential service - even business-level clients, whose public accounts can be checked - are ready to approve our skills and our service-quality.

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