Finnish Immigration visa for Investors

Since 2016 the Government of Finland was working on the new laws for attracting foreign investors, entrepreneurs and leading experts to Finland.
The Ministry of the Interior has launched a project to reform the residence permit system for investors, entrepreneurs and experts coming from third countries.

During the spring 2018 the new immigration law came into force

According to the new law unfortunately just a passive investment was not confirmed as immigration grounds.
The only solution for immigration of an Investor is still buisness-immigration - making investments in his own company development in Finland. The other choice is active investment in real-estate and managing the assets through own company. In either of these options the investor has to participate in his business actively.

Future prospects of an Investor visa in Finland

As the economical environment is constantly developing, and most of the countries have introduced investor visa solutions - there is a chance of future implementation of an Investor visa law.

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