Immigration to Finland from India

Get the Finnish Residence Permit with 100% support and all benefits for your family!

Statistics on immigration to Finland from India - 07.2017 - 07.2018

During the last 12 months Over 1700 people from India have immigrated to Finland on a basis of skilled labour, business and Family ties.

58 Finnish enterpreneur and business residence permits

Business and Etrepreneur Immigration to Finland from India

Finnish residence permit for indian families

787 Finnish residence permits - family ties

Indian families immigration to Finland

Finnish residence permit for indian skilled professionals

824 Finnish work and residence permits for skilled people

Indian professionals immigration to Finland

Get all-inclusive immigration service!

100% support! We consult, work out all the documents, and support your application process until getting the Residence Permit! We also support you in Finland, when you come to live: appartments, schools for children, healthcare, relocation & social benefits for newcommer-families if needed.

4 types of service warranty!

Service contract, secure 2- or 3-step payment, court appeal in case of unfair negative decision, refund policy and live references from the clients, that have immigrated with our support.

Over 200 successful immigration consulting cases!

Over 200 private persons and families have been consulted on Finnish immigration issues with our support and legal advice.

Business-Immigration application options

You may legalize the documents and apply for the Residence permit in New Delhi Finnish embassy. Second option is applying in Finland: if you have sufficient business-grounds - just give us 14 days for consulting and document support

Get a free consultation

Business immigration to Finland from India

welcome to the best European country for living, security and having a successful venture

Finland welcomes business and active people!

Moving, starting or buying a business or a private entity is easy with our help and can be done even remotely! The Finnish first temporary Residence Permit may be granted in case your work, business, private venture or investments are profitable enough to secure your personal income. We help you start your Finnish venture and give you a 100% support for all the business and immigration documents!

The service-price

Depending on your goals for the business and immigration - we create an individual business & immigration programm, which might be either a start-up, bying an existing business, investing in real-estate, etc. The service price is assigned individually. Contact us for details.

Running costs

As soon as you get your first TRP move to Finland - you should have your income secured by your personal salary. Paying the taxes is a must! Overall expenses start from 360eur monthly.

Social benefits

Healthcare services, best education for children and other relocation benefits are guaranteed for newcommers. Get the highest level of life and security for your family!

Grounds for business immigration for Indian people

  • Self-employment
  • Representation or a branch of your own company
  • Moving your business to Europe / Finland
  • Developing your business in Europe / Finland
  • Buying a ready business in Finland
  • A start-up
  • Working as self-employed, sole-trader
  • Remote workers
  • Rentier business models
  • Real-estate investments

Better and easier!

Our immigration programms are better than offered in Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and other European countries:

  • First permit is issued 1 or 2 years, prolongation 1-4 years
  • no obligation to stay183 days per year in the country!
  • no obligation to employ local citizens immediately (you might act as self-employed)
  • no obligation to invest large summs in local assets
  • no obligation for depositing large money amounts
  • no obligation to buy real estate
  • Paying taxes and getting income by means of gainful employment or business in Finland is a must!

Get your benefits

of our Finnish Business immigration programms

  • We consult you on self-employment, business or investment immigration issues
  • You can apply for a Residence permit in your own country of residence
  • or you can come to Finland to apply for the residence permit in Finland! if you have special grounds
  • we support you in Finland, when you move
  • Relocation services and social integration if needed after getting the permits
  • Get Finnish Permanent Residence Permit or the Cititzenship in just 4 years!
  • 4 types of service guarantees, even money-back option!

4 types of Service Guarantee

for a secure immigration programm

Court appeal

If the Migration Department gives an unfair negative decision for the Residence Permit - under a service contract we shall make an appeal to the administrative court free of charge for getting a positive fair decision

Secure payment

We offer a 2- or 3-step secure payment option: for the business & immigration consulting, for a full document package support and final payment during provision of support within Residence Permit application processing period.

Direct customer references

On request - we give contacts of our actual customers who have migrated to Finland and are living here!

Due to our friendly confidential service - even business-level clients, whose public profiles can be checked - are ready to approve our skills and our service-quality.

The Contract

We are an established company in Finland, we always act in accordance with the Law and the Contracts.
The client is always secure, as any disagreements can esily be handled within Finnish legal system, that is ranked 4th in the world for justice!

Why do people immigrate to FInland?

Finland is one of TOP-5 countries in the world!

Finland is among top-5 countries for immigration in Europe: top life level, social happiness, developed economics', and good business opportunities. Get to know the benefits of migrating to Finland:
  • Perfect ecology
  • Secure for children
  • Best education system
  • Free education for everyone
  • Human rights protection
  • Social benefits
  • Citizenship or Permanent Residence permit in just 4 years!

The World's most sustainable country!

Finland #1

World Fragile States index
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The best country to live in Europe

Finland #3

Legatum Prosperity Index 2016
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The fifth World's happiest nation!

Finland #5

UN - World Hapinness Report 2017
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The World's best country to do business

Finland #8

Forbes2017: Best countries for Business
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Whom do we help in Finnish immigration?

Any person and family with steady income may immigrate to Finland

Among our clients there are upper middle-class and high-net-worth individuals. We have ready-made immigration solutions for every class, and we are ready to provide custom solutions.
  • Business owners
  • Sole traders, private entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers, remote workers
  • Real-estate owners
  • Rentier
  • Working person, hired by a Finnish company
  • Family members
  • Real-estate investors

The Service

All-inclusive business-immigration

Contact us

for a legal advice and a personal offer

Kirill Kulakov

Leading legal advisor


  • General Manager, Partner
  • over 7 years of business & immigration practice
  • speaks 5 languages
  • Citizen of FInland

Comfort and security

All business, immigration and family relocation issues handled by one proffessional company

All-inclusive immigration service

We are happy to provide our and 7 years of immigration expertise for international clients willing to settle in Finland. We make individual plan, advise and take care of all the documents until granting the Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit or Citizenship of Finland.
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