Finland as Exclusive immigration destination

Our research shows that 8 of 10 Clients consider Finland to be a “dream-country” for immigration along with Canada / USA / Australia / Sweden / Denmark.
Finland was the most stable country in the world in 2017 and shall remain top 5 during the decades - so it is a perfect choice for lots of people, who are seeking security & stability for their families and business in the modern rapidly changing world.

Finland is one of the TOP-countries for immigration:

Time-schedule for immigration to Finland

Depending on the grounds and the type of immigration - the First residence Permit might be obtained in 2 to 12 months time.

It takes at least 4 years of residency in Finland to take you to Permanent Residency or the Citizenship, provided you stay enough time in the country and have strong ties with Finland.

Choosing the grounds for immigration to Finland?

You are eligible for immigration of you have one of the following most common grounds:
business, innovative start-up, employment, family ties, studies, scientific research.

Test your eligibility and success rate ofr immigration

In case you are an Enterpreneur or otherwise would like to immigrate to FInland on a basis of business or investment, please go through the immigration requirements page.
The business grounds is the most beneficial and accessible way for immigrating to Finland for the most highly skilled people. The business may be carried out by Applicants limited company or private legale entity (Sole trader), registered in Finland. The business might be any kind of legal activity that brings income to the Applicant-enterpreneur and is beneficial for the Finnish society or economy.
Support of immigration of Enterpreneurs is our expertise. We support the immigration of Enterpreneurs and the people that would like to try it - within the Business immigration program.
We shall help you acquire an Enterpreneurs residence permit, which is issued in 4 - 12 month, if you fulfil the eligibility criteria

Innovative start-up immigration was introduced in april 2018. This program follows the roots of business immigration, except that the idea for the business should be innovative and rapidly expansible to international markets.
If you have a highly potential innovative startup - you should send your business plan to Business FInland organization for preliminary considertion. If they find it adequate and potential enough - you may be granted a Start-up Residence Permit in just 2 months.

The employment immigration is now pretty complicated due to current legislation and residence permit processing times. The employer in most cases needs to carry out public competition for the job placement. Then he needs to confirm that chosen foreign job-applicant is an outstanding expert and this type of employee can not be found on the employment market of Finland. Furthermore, even if employer succeeds in this type of confirmation - both the employer and the employee should eventually wait for the employees work & residence permit around 8 months, which eventualy is useless in many cases.
The only adequate solution for employment immigration is job-placements of decent companies for highly skilled experts with a salary over 3000eur and a profile education - these may be granted a residence permit within 1 month.
Please contact us for support if you have an undersigned contract with a Finnish employer.

Family ties as immigration grounds might be actual for those people, that have one of the elder family members in Finland, already having a residence permit as an employee or enterpreneur. If one of the spouse is having a business or works in Finland, the other spouse and children under 18 might get the residece permit of a family member.
The children must be under 18 at the moment of getting the residence permit. The spouses might be either officially married or having civil marriage over 2 years.

Studies, scientific research and etc. as grounds for immigration - are also an option for those who intend to study or make research in Finland. You need an approval from the organization you will study in or cooperate with. Higher education programmes for the foreigners in Finnish language are free of charge, and English-speaking programs are to be paid (6000-20000eur annually).
Please contact us if you are getting an education placement - we shall help you solve the legal issues and relocation.
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