Apartments in Greater Helsinki region

3-7% of rental income

the capital region of Finland

The source of revenues

in case of investment in rental housing?

Apartment-investment in the most prospective region of Finland

We support the apartment investments only in the Finnish capital area: Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo + satellite cities. By 2025 the population of the capital region is expected to increase about 300.000, which predetermines the demand for living spaces.

Continuous income from rent

The influx of internal and external immigration to the Capital region guarantees the demand for rental housing. We have an access to the pool of potential tenants. With us you will have your apartment rented out within a week since appartment purchase

If assets' self-sufficiency is a goal

Flexible and cheap banking mortgage solutions and the structural apartment-partnership loans allow self-sufficient apartment-investments in Finland.The initial payment of 20-50%, 1 to 5% mortgage rates, our rental managment assistance and here you are - your real-estate asset portfolio is self-sufficient and growing.

Planning and hedging the risks

We take into account the coming renovations of the housing partnerships, natural deprecation of the apartments, etc. Precise planning and proper insurance can bring risks down to the minimum

Ownership and management hints

We offer several solutions for the registration of the ownership either for individuals or the legal entities (your own managing company that we help to establish). Each option has its advantages - namely the end income taxation and tax reductions allow to variate 20% to 30% of taxes to be paid

Tax planning and instruments

We work only with the legal methods of taxes planning.


Helsinki’s growing population is fuelling demand for residential properties, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate report.

Helsinki is among the European cities that offer good real estate investment prospects, according to the report Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe published annually by the Urban Land Institute and Pricewaterhouse Cooper. In the latest report, Helsinki is ranked 15th from 28 European capital cities, improving its ranking by four places from the previous year.
The report provides an outlook on European real estate investment and development trends, real estate finance and capital markets. It is based on the opinions of more than 500 internationally renowned real estate professionals, including investors, developers, lenders, agents and consultants. Increasing housing demand.
According to the report, Helsinki wins points for its forward planning. The city has bought up swathes of farmland to the east to cope with inward migration from smaller cities. This inflow is fuelling housing demand, and residential has been the best-performing sector for several years. Finnish institutions have also increased their allocations to the residential sector and several residential property funds are active. Helsinki’s office market has been quiet but stable, as occupational demand has held up, according to the report. Funding for real estate deals is becoming an issue, however. “Transactions are currently more dependent on the availability of funding than on property prices,” reported one of the experts interviewed for the report.

Source: Urban Land Institute and Pricewaterhouse Cooper, website

What is the advantage

of buying an apartment with us?

Searching for profitable objects

Truly profitable objects never make it to the public market. Usually the deal takes place within the inner network of real estate agents. We are vigilant, promt and good at intercepting such offers.

Buying an apartment below the market price

16 hours a day we keep an eye on new objects. Make reservations for interested clients. Negotiate tactfully and relentlessly.

Bank account + justification of funds

We help to open a bank account in a Finnish bank for you to arrange the transaction for apartment investment. Following the banking policy we assist you in justifying the legality of your funds' origin for smooth and timely transactions avoiding the fiscal and financial complications.

Rental income in the month of purchase

We rent out your apartment usually within a week since the day of apartment purchase. It is possible due to high demand for real estate and our access to a pool of reliable tenants (our own clientele, real estate networks, etc)

Kirill - Your personal advisor

  • Leading advisor of the company
  • Managing partner
  • 8 years of business practice
  • Speaks 5 languages

Get free consultation!

Choose the best option for getting rental income in Finland

We will pick the object that perfectly fits your investment expectations.

Get profitable real-estate investment options

get the most relevant offers

Skillful support:

We consult on prospective real-estete investments, on securin rental or income or commercial operations to guarantee your revenues. Also we help to solve all the of Finnish real estate management. We advise on:

  • sales, purchase, real estate management in Finland
  • taxation
  • ownership solutions
  • mortgages
  • real-estate management
Starting from investment property search to closing the deals at the most favourable terms. Skillful negotiations. Perfect result!

  • search within the client's criteria or the investment plan
  • multimodal audit
  • risks assessment
  • opening of a Finnish bank account
  • international transactions support
  • support in justification of investment funds' origin
Taking into account your income expectations and fixing the potential risks we will design and support the realisation of an investment plan, where the Finnish and Scandinavian real-estate is the main asset.
Our services:
  • continuous exploitation of the objects
  • continuous rental income provision
  • tenants selection
  • development of new methods of income generation
  • actual portfolio of investment-projects to choose from
  • personal or corporate projects development
  • secure participation in running investment projects
  • management of development projects
  • crisis management of investment projects
  • contractors control
  • financial transparancy and security provision
Provision of the flexible loans solutions for new investors and real estate portfolio owners. Both for citizens of Finland and non-residents.
Selection and purchase of the objects accoring to the given criteria and parameters.

  • Flexible control and liquidity improvement
  • Systemic enrichment of the portfolio
  • Portfolio inheritance planning
  • legal forms of real-estate ownership in Finland
  • financial and fiscal solutions
  • Scandinavian limited trust funds
  • tax-planning
  • inheritance planning

Overall statistics of 2016

on apartments sales in Finland

up to 52 days

Apartment sales in Helsinki

4450 euro

Apatrment in Helsinki: average cost of m2

Our statistics

of Finnish apartment sales

up to 30 days

Apartments sale in Finland

4450 euro

Average cost of apartment's m2 in Helsinki

Investment and Business-immigration in Finand

You can obtain a Finnish Residence permit to manage your investments

  • you may come to do business or for permanent immgration
  • no obligation for full-time residency
  • arrange a secure spot for your family and your capital
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