Over 200 successful immigration cases!

Over 200 private persons and families have immigrated to Finland with our help and legal advise.

4 types of service warranty!

Service contract, court appeal in case of negative decision, live references from immigrated clients, money-back guarantee!

Get everything from one company

Immigrate, do all paperwork, allocate and integrate in the country, get all social benefits. Get your business started!

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Legal assistance for Finnish companies and business

In order for you to be able to safely run your business in Finland or to focus on your personal affairs, we provide legal services for your Finnish company. Our competence and control allows many of our clients to run their Finnish businesses remotely. During the crucial periods of transactions or establishing business processes, our clients can easily communicate with us and we focus on the client’s affairs, which consistently brings excellent results.

Business support services in Finland

We offer our clients legal support, rental of virtual offices, correspondence services, “rental of manager” – an experienced advisor, and staff recruitment – everything that is needed to represent our clients in Finland.
Our expert team includes lawyers, business communication specialists, marketing and advertising specialists. We partner investment specialists, real estate and construction people.

- Correspondence with Finnish authorities

- Rental of mailing address, a “virtual office”, mail forwarding services

- Business immigration, applying for residence permits

- Real estate sale/purchase and rental contracts

Legal Services in Finland

- Registration of companies, opening bank accounts
- Consulting, arranging legal relations
- Obtaining licenses (transport, customs, trade, finance)
- Obtaining and maintaining registration in corresponding registers (VAT, customs, tax, credit ratings etc.)
- Preparing credit applications (financial statements, business plans in Finnish)
- Advice on intellectual property laws in Finland
- Patents and utility models in Finland
- Registration of brands and trademarks in Finland
- Liquidation of Finnish legal entities

Result guarantee!

We lead your Finnish goals to a successful result.
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