Real estate in Finland

as a source of income

2-20% per annum

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3-6% per annum

Support of investing in private housing with a rental-revenue
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Commercial investments

5-10% per annum

Assistance in purchase of commercial objects with long-term tenants


Land plots investment deals

5-10% per annum

Assistance in land plots purchase, reprofiling, additional value inclusion

Additional value creation + re-sale

8%-12% per annum

Economy class objects purchase, redevelopment, basic interior renovation


Newly built real estate objects investment

10%-15% per annum

Investment at the project stage, rental revenue generation, withdrawal from the project with the guaranteed revenue after 8-12 months

Shared construction participation

10%-15% per annum

Land plot purchase/rent, licensing, low-rise construction projects


Low-rise construction projects

15%-20% per annum

Land plot purchase/rent, licensing, low-rise construction projects

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Advantages of real estate investment in Finland in 2017

Trends - prices - sales terms


Market trends

Real estate in Finland

The development of the capital area by 25%

By 2025 population growth is expected to be about 300.000, which creates a need for living spaces and real estate.

Labour demand increase by 26%

By 2025 working places increase in Helsinki region is expected to rise by 166.000, which creates a need for commercial real estate.

Demand for newly built objects

The main Helsinki housing stock has been constructed in 1960s - 1980s. Finnish citizens prefer to move to newly built objects. The amount of such objects does not keep up with the demand, especially in the townhouse and private houses sector. There are no more than 100 newly built private houses and 200 newly built tounhouses for sale in Helsinki at the moment.

Demand growth for rental housing

The internal migration of the population to the capital, as well as external migration (Baltic states and European citizens) predetermins the demand for rental housing. Up to 30 potential tenants may claim a studio apartment! The demand for rental housing in Finland is always high!

Banks provide loans

Affordable mortgage loans are available for the citizens and residents of Finland at the rate of 1,5-1,7% per annum under condition of self-repayment rate of 10% and more. The rate for non-residents can be up to 5% under condition of self-repayment rate of 40-50% and more. Besides, inner structural loans of housing partnerships grow more and more popular.

Average sales time

for real estate in Finland

up to 52 days

Apartment sales in Helsinki

up to 74 days

Townhouse sales in Helsinki

up to 59 days

House sales in Helsinki

up to 59 days

Duplex sales in Helsinki

Price statistics in 2016

of real estate in Finland

4450 euro

Apatrment in Helsinki: average cost of m2

4140 euro

Townhouse in Helsinki: average cost of m2

4567 euro

House in Helsinki: average cost of m2

4571 euro

Duplex in Helsinki: average cost of m2

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We help to secure income and get stable revenues. Also we solve all the difficulties with Finnish real estate management. We advise on:

  • sales, purchase, real estate management in Finland
  • taxes
  • ownership solutions
  • loans
  • objects management
From the object assortment to the deal close at the most favourable terms. Skillful negotiations.

  • search by the client's criteria
  • multimodal audit
  • risks assessment
  • finnish bank accounts opening
  • international transactions support
  • legalisation of funds support
Taking into account your income expectations and risks understanding we will design and support the realisation of investment plan , where the Finnish and Scandinavian objects will be the main asset.
Our services
  • continuous exploitation of the objects
  • continuous rental income provision
  • tenants selection
  • development of new methods of income generation
  • personal projects development
  • secure participation in running investment projects
  • menegement of development projects
  • crisis management of investment projects
  • contractors control
  • financial transparancy provision
Provision of the flexible loans solutions for new investors and real estate portfolio owners. Both for citizens of Finland and non-residents.
Selection and purchase of the objects accoring to the given criteria and parameters.

  • Flexible control and liquidity improvement
  • Systemic enrichment of the portfolio
  • Portfolio inheritance planning
  • legal forms of objects ownership in Finland
  • finansial and fiscal colutions
  • Scandinavian limited trust funds
  • taxes planning and optimisation
  • inheritance planning

Business-immigration on a basis of Real-estate investments

Real-estate investments may be a basis for obtaining a residence permit in Finland for running your business

you can get Finnish residence permit:

  • for running real estate management business
  • for real estate investments
  • for running development low-rise housing business
  • without obligation for full-time residency
  • or for full-time immigration to Finland
  • for security of your family and your assets
over 200 families

were advised on business immigration Finland

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