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It is not unusual that people face difficulties or find themselves in confusing situations when immigrating, which is likely to jeopardize the entire immigration programme. The reasons for that are the immigrants’ ignorance of the local peculiarities, errors in the application process, and even unfair practices on the part of “consultants”. Quite often, it is the latter that causes problems or delays in obtaining the Finnish residence permit. We offer you assistance in most difficult or even critical situations.

Living premises and real-estate

Our clients who are granted residence permits would normally also contract us to find them an apartment to rent (rent of a two-room apartment is around €800 to €2000 in Helsinki and nearby) or to buy (starting at €120,000 in Helsinki).

We also offer you adaptation services: we will help you register will all public authorities and place your children in a kindergarten or a school.

Contact us for support!

Our clients are welcome to contact us for follow-up advice after they move. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or Skype. We are always available and happy to assist. We are there for you!

Useful services for those moving to Finland

- Children integration: day-care, schools, kindergartens, student courses
- Spouse integration: (employment services, language courses, cultural training and further studies)
- Social care: social grants, medical & pension insurance - KELA, etc
- Real-estate services: purchase, rent and registration of real estate in Finland
- Residence registration, Finnish ID-card & driving license
- Consultant and Finnish translator/interpreter services
- Lawyer services, including negative decisions appeals of any Finnish authorities (immigration department, tax department, social services etc.)
- Communication or correspondence with Finnish government or financial authorities

The Comfort

Our clients value the comfort of resolving of all their Business, Immigration and Family Relocation issues by ONE Professional Agency
We provide a variety of immigration services, ALL-INCLUSIVE SUPPORT: consulting, organizing the grounds for immigration, Residence Permit applications and renewals, Family relocation and integration services, business support, Permanent Residence and Citizenship issuance support.


Registration in Finland

To become a rightful resident of Finland, one must be registered in the Finnish Population Information System, which contains personal data of all residents of Finland: name, last name, date and place of birth, address, nationality, family relationships, native language and profession. Registration allows you to use a number of public services. Unregistered residents cannot open a bank account or receive benefits. Local Register Offices (Maistraatit) handle the registration.

KELA - Social services in Finland

KELA is the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. KELA administers pensions and all kinds of benefits, including unemployment benefits.

Immigrants need to fill in the application for KELA card (KELA-kortti) to become covered under the Finnish social security system. KELA photocards are available at an extra fee. You may use your KELA photocard as your ID in your dealings with banks, post offices, pharmacies, when calling an ambulance, etc.

KELA provides partial reimbursement of your expenses for visiting private physicians and private clinics, for medical examinations and purchase of medicines. Your KELA card proves that you are insured against sicknesses and are entitled to reimbursement for your medical expenses. For example, by presenting your card at a pharmacy you can get a direct, on-the-spot reimbursement for your costs.

If an immigrant is registered as unemployed, s/he will be able to receive unemployment benefit payments only after obtaining the KELA-kortti.

Tax administration in Finland

Immigrants must apply to their local Tax Administration Office for a tax card.


In Finland, payment of salaries and benefits and payment of bills is done electronically. To open a bank account, an individual will need a passport or another ID.


For residing in Finland ou must get sufficient income in Finland. Taxes and social security payments will be calculated on the basis of your salary. Salaries must be accounted for and taxes will be charged after the applicant obtains the residence permit. Thus, once you register your company forr the business immigration procedures, you won’t have to account for your salary until you obtain your residence permit.

Monthly salary of an entrepreneur

The salary you receive to your personal account may be used to cover your living costs. You are free to report any amount as your salary as long as it is not below the minimum level. The salary will be at your disposal after payment of taxes and social dues.

The minimum income tax

There is a minimum for income tax, social benefits and required insurance. This minimum is taken irrevocably. However, this minimum guarantees your social security.

Examples below explain the minimum salaries in families with one breadwinner. These amounts are set forth by the law and are sufficient to live in Finland.

There are no fixed charges in the period while awaiting for your first Residence Permit - besides one-time payment of our services and government tax.

During TRP application processing - it is not obligatiory to reside and wait in Finland and no need to rent or buy real-estate or business before getting the TRP.

If you apply for the first Finnish Residence permit on a basis of business - it is not obligatory to do or buy business, or pay the salary - until getting the Permit and moving to Finland
After getting the TRP - you should start getting monthly salary in Finland. The minimum recommended income as follows:

1 person:

1800eur monthly salary + monthly taxes starting at 500eur

Summary: 2300е
Family of 2 persons:

1800eur monthly salary + monthly taxes starting at 500eur

Summary: 2300е

Family of 3 persons:

2200eur monthly salary + monthly taxes starting at 800eur

Summary: 3000е

Family of 4 persons:

2600eur monthly salary + monthly taxes starting at 900eur

Summary: 3500е

We assist in legal reimbursement of our service-costs and/or compensation of running costs in FInland.

Get 100eur - 1200eur monthly compensations!

We give our Clients a practical warranty for a successful relocation and integration in Finland.

7 years of experience in business-immigration and related relocation issues lets You feel comfortable, as every detail of Your case is foreseen.
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