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Mission, Vision, Values of Migratum Advisors

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A word for the Founder
Kirill Kulakov, Senior Advisor, Managing Partner

Core values of Migratum Advisors

We are an expert intermediary between the Client, Client's goals, Client's intention to build a brighter NOW and prosperity in a new country - on the one hand - and the destination countries' interests and immigration policy - on the other hand.

Personality & Family. We strongly believe in the People and love the Personalities. Our service is personal in every moment: from a person to a person, not just the typical "client - service provider" scheme. Every our step is care for the Client and his Family. We look into the roots of each Client's situation and it's potential to choose the right and most comfortable solutions for his new life in a new country.

Prosperity. We train our Advisors to lead the client to the maximum prosperity in his new living destination. We always search and find solutions for improving the Client's well-being. Not just the better new country, but a more comfortable living, a more profound basis for financial and personal prosperity for each member of a family or a partnership. We program every possible step for a brighter NOW! Both for the client and for the host country.

Social responsibility- We care for inevitable success of clients' Business & immigration program and a positive result for the host country. Both parties should inevitably win! Get the better life quality, but remember to honor the laws and the ethics of the host nation, pay the taxes, contribute to the prosperity of the community!

Security and Warranties. Security and risk evaluation measures are taken in regards of each case to provide warranties of success for the client and security for the host country. Every client we proceed with comes through a risk evaluation algorythm, that summs up 34 variables.

Our Mission

We provide access to the safest and most prosperous countries for the highly skilled professionals, self-employed, etrepreneurs and investors.

We provide attentive, friendly, personalized and tailored immigration, relocation and integration solutions for the good people, families, their business and their capital.

Our service brings the positive contribuiton to the economics of the immigration host countries by bringing in foreign investments, creating new international business-links.

Our Vision

We see and help to build the Future with less borders, secure and prosperous.

Using the best practice and legislation of the leading countries, where smart immigration policy succeded and resulted in the prosperity of the nations, we reinvent and digitalize the services for buisness- and entrepreneur- immigration bringing out new solutions for the people, business, capitals and countries.

Our solutions promote secure freedom and easiness of moving, changing residency and integrating the people and the capital in the best prosperous countries

We take it seriuosly. Professionally. Passionately.

Our priority:
1) the success of our client’s case
2) the service warrantees for the client
3) the elimination of the potential risks for our clients and the destionation country

Consulting and Advisory approach for Business Immigration programs

Firstly we always assess the needs, concerns, goals and possibilities of the client .

We Inform the client of the terms and conditions of the business-immigration program, country legislation and describe the prospects of life, business and investments in Finland.
According to the given information, client’s needs and capacities – we develop a personal immigration plan and assist in developing or adjusting the Client's business or investment plan.

We as well inform on the current investment/business/labor policies as of the requirements the clients need to comply with in order to ensure clients’ eligibility for the country. We present the criteria and requirements strictly, trying to find a perfect solution to conform with procedures and liabilities of destination country's immigration program conditions.

The basis of the business-immigration program is always a kind of gainful employment or entrepreneurship – the chosen self-employment or business model should ensure client’s sustainable income in Finland. Our clients should be ready for and capable of starting a new business, to continue being self-employed, to expand or localize their existing business to the Finnish/Scandinavian/European market, to buy a running business in Finland, to invest and manage the real estate or a startup.

It is essential to clarify the specific purpose and the necessity of the client’s personal presence in Finland for running the aforementioned business.
The sphere of business activity can be chosen and vary freely, yet it is best to link it to the client’s previous experience, education and professional background and outline the purpose of his moving to Finland in a context of business duties. The dual status (work permit for an entrepreneur with a right for employment as a specialist) is available for obtaining in case the business plan and the intended position correspond to the gained professional experience.

Our goal & approach
We attaract new residents, capable of contributing to the State’s prosperity and not abusing its hospitality.

Why we are so attentive to business criteria and social responsibility compliance in the Finnish Business Immigration programs?

Finland has always been famous for its high level of social responsibility for its people. The State actively participates in the residents’ social life – namely by ensuring the effective infrastructure, welfare guarantees, medical care and education. The significant funds accumulated by the Finnish taxpayers are dedicated directly to highest standards of life and security for every member of the state.
When accepting a new resident – the State takes the responsibility to provide the newcommer the same live quality level as for the Finnish ctizens.

To support the high standarts of life it is essential to develop the economics of the country and to understand the policies and interests of Finland, such as: attracting investments and entrepreneurs, creating new jobs, increasing the number of taxpayers, developing technologies and know-how, export of Finnish products, etc. We provide the service to the people that are understanding these policies and willing to become a contributor to the local economy and society: running any kind of business in Finland (self-employment, own startup, buying a running business, expanding an existing business, etc.) or would like to make investments in the real estate or startups and pay the taxes in Finland.
The Finnish States immigration policy logics is transparent: when a person is ready to guarantee his income and has reasonable business plan and the funds for living (the bank statement for securing the means of living during the first 6-12 months) – then naturally the person is eligible to get a Temporary residence permit for the purpose of living and running a business. If the business and the immigrant are self-sufficient and taxes are paid - there is a possibility of upgrading to the Permanent residency and Citizenship.

Misunderstanding the logics of the Business Immigration Program may result in client’s misusing of the conditions for immigration, hence might cause negative claims and complaints – this is a conflict with our service policy! We provide service and support only for adequate and self-sufficient clients that understand and follow the logics of Business immigration policy, that are ready to understand ethics of Finnish nation, and contribute to Finland's development!
If the client does not fully understand the grounds and obligations of his immigration program, the client’s business & immigration plan might become imprecise, inadeqaute to the economic conditions of Finland or not sufficient to cover the personal income criteria – the risk of negative consequences for all parties is significant.
A client should thoroughly know and understand own business and its development prospects. We consult and lead our clients within the context of legal opportunities and State’s policy – clients should understand that. We never do scam by misusing the immigration laws.

We really help. See the figures!

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